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TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo is just two little pills (The Blue one and the Green one) they work as a team to provide a comprehensive weight loss program to help you meet your goals. The combo contains natural supplements, they are not diet pills. They are Natural and are VERY SAFE. 

The Blue Pill: TruFix helps balance your blood sugar levels, attacks and lowers cholesterol levels,  and stimulates healthy liver function and drastically boost your metabolism. TruFix also detoxes your body, promoting optimum health for your entire body.

How Does it Work?
How Does it Work?

The Green Pill: TruWeight & Energy gives you a boost of natural energy that you will recognize right away and will keep you going all day long without the nervous jitters of high caffeine energy drinks. In addition, it is a Natural Appetite Suppressant you should notice within the first 2 days. The appetite suppressant in TruWeight & Energy dramatically decreases your appetite naturally and all but stops your sugar cravings.

TruVision Health Weight Loss Combo is NOT a diet pill 

If you’re looking for a diet pill, TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo is not for you.  It is a combination of natural supplements that balances your body chemistry. You did not become unhealthy or overweight overnight. So, therefore TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo cannot balance your body chemistry overnight. When you ready to truly commit to losing weight and improving your health TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo when taken consistently will yield the results that you have been looking for. We are so convinced of this that we make it risk-free, with our “Empty Box Guarantee” wherein you can return your empty box and blister packs to us for a full refund.

Truvision visceral fat level 300x199The blue pill, TruFix is a MUST in the TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo. It attacks the most dangerous fat in your body, visceral fat.  Traditional “diet products” are thermogenic and that the force your body to lose weight in the form of fluid loss with some fat loss in the unfortunate loss of lean muscle mass and other organ tissue that can deplete your body of essential nutrients. TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo, on the other hand, works with your body, giving it the tools it needs to lose weight naturally. Other diet plans are DANGEROUSLY unhealthy!! Low carb, low calorie and low-fat diets may give you the results you’re looking for at first, but only the TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo can change your lifestyle. That is what TruVision was meant to be, a change in lifestyle. For optimal results TruFix & Tru Weight/Energy must take them together as they have been formulated as a combo, under this regiment you will retain your lean muscle tissue and reduce the visceral fat, aggressively until it is nearly depleted completely, while simultaneously reducing your body’s “White Fat” and leaving the beneficial “Brown Fat” behind. Studies have shown that lean people have more “Brown Fat” then obese people. With TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo you can lose the fact that you don’t want, keep the muscle tissue and the fact that you do want, with little to no diet or exercise. You will also notice less loss of breast tissue. This is because the TruFix dissolves the visceral fat and breast tissue is subcutaneous fat.

TruVision Weight Loss Fights Visceral Fat 

Visceral-Fat-TruVision-Health--300x300Visceral fat is the unhealthy fat that forms around the small intestines inside the abdominal cavity. It is not just a concern for the overweight or obese. Even thin people can still have excessive visceral fat.  If you are then, but not fit, you likely have excessive visceral fat.  Why should we care?  Visceral fat ages you and depletes your energy, it overworks vital organs and overburdens the liver. It has been linked to many of health problems that are plaguing society today. Including heart diseasediabetes, some forms of cancer, and metabolic syndrome (a particular metabolic concerned that increases the likelihood of developing these diseases). And most importantly, visceral fat is draining your body of energy 24 hours a day.


remove-visceral-fat-300x226Doctors are becoming more and more concerned about waist size than body weight. This is because of what recent studies have shown concerning visceral fat content in the abdomen. Visceral fat is now commonly referred to as “TOXIC FAT”. Because abdominal fat and other more visible fat storing areas, visceral fat can be hidden deep inside the abdominal wall of even the thinnest person. The same is true for fat that can line blood vessels, restrict blood flow, and damage the cardiovascular system. How does this pertain to TruVision? Our products work from the “Inside Out.” It aids your body in the removal of visceral fat (the worst fat), the bad stuff that is killing all of us.  This is exciting news!  For those of your customers who aren’t “getting any results,” realize that this fat, the stuff that surrounds your organs, and is UNDER the muscle of your abdomen, is not the most visible stuff.  Once TruFix takes care of the worst fat that is the most dangerous to your health, it will also work on the more visible subcutaneous fat we are all familiar with and with the bad that under control the TruVision’s Weight Loss Combo concentrates on other harmful fats and continues to maintain healthy body chemistry for life.